About Us

About SkyBird Drone Photography

Aerial Photography, Videography, Traditional Video Production

SkyBird Drone Photography, specializing in Aerial Photography and Videography, as well as traditional video production, was launched from a passion for creativity through technology.
From the first flying experience with a quadcopter, it was obvious that this was
a tool that was…

… able to elevate video/photography production to a new level,
while lowering the cost.

… going to introduce some excitement and
innovation to video/photography production.

… going to create opportunities to explore the uses of drones in
a variety of new vertical markets.

Industries benefiting from the use of drone technology is growing every day. While much of the usage initially has been in the real estate market, followed closely by commercial video production, inspection, agricultural mapping, surveying, and search and rescue efforts are also finding the benefits of using drones.
At SkyBird Drone Photography we look forward to exploring new vertical markets for drones, and ensuring our clients receive the maximum benefit from the use of this new technology to promote their business’s, save money and increase safety.
SkyBird Drone Photography’s pilots are all FAA part 107 licensed for commercial work, insured, and abide by FAA regulations regarding restricted airspace by keeping current with proper authorizations and waivers.


Unless otherwise negotiated, all images recorded by SkyBird Drone Photography, hereafter referred to as SkyBird DP, are the property of the photographer and only licensed to the client for stipulated uses. The photographs produced by SkyBird DP may not be downloaded, reproduced in any way or transferred to a third party without written permission from SkyBird DP.