Good Day Bad Day?

I’m not sure what I should lead with. Yay, my Mavic Platinum came today or boo I crashed my Phantom 4 Pro into the bay. I was doing a job near MacDill AFB, with all the right permission, but on a nice boom down of a waterfront home at sunset, it just kept going down, right into the water.

No matter how I tried to pull up, nope, wasn’t gonna do it. Took off my jeans and shoes, dove into the black marina water, but could not find it. Too dark and deep. Getting out wasn’t so easy, neither was getting my jeans back on when soaking wet. Then a nice man came along, offered to try and fish it out with his cast net, to no avail. Got to talking about bananas on boats when fishing, I shared a Capt. Mike story about banana chips in trail mix and what happens to that, and he said… Capt. Michael Anderson? Who else. So we talked about The Reel Animals and he’s a fan. He guessed I used to work at 8, said he went to HS in Brandon with someone who worked at 8. Turns out, Tom Loos was in the same graduating class as Todd SullivanMark TurnerJohn AtteberryBrenda Harp, and Peter King. What a small world. Darn that water was cold.